Sandy Beach


When I was fifteen, my best friend, Greyson, made me promise to be totally, absolutely, completely, brutally honest with him. 

Not a day has gone by that I haven’t broken that promise.  Don’t worry. 
I’m not some sort of sick monster. 

But how can you be totally, absolutely, completely, brutally honest with someone else when you can’t even admit the truth to yourself? 
It’s much easier to hide behind the lie I’ve been telling myself since the day I met him, a guy like Greyson Steele could never fall
for a Tomboy like me. 


Humility is not thinking more or less of yourself than you really are. So, technically I’m being humble when I say that for most of my life I was the best at everything. Baseball. Looks. Charming the pants off women from eighteen to eighty two.

But twelve years ago Charlie Sands proved me wrong. The first time she verbally handed me my balls, I knew I would never outsmart that girl. 
And no matter how often my mind wandered down the path of lust, Charlie deserves a guy who can keep up with her lightning fast brain. 

And that guy would never be me. 
But I’m only human. And worse, a dude. 
So, over the years I may have slipped a time or two. Let’s just hope she chalks it up to my stupidity and not to anything more insidious, like me purposely breaking her famous Poe Friends Rules. 
Because I would never do a thing like that. 
I promise. 

Rustic Beach Path

California Promises is an angsty love story that explores how impossible it is to be totally, actually, completely, brutally honest with another person if you are not first totally, actually, completely, brutally honest with yourself. 

California Promises is Book 1 of the Warrior Women Series, a three-book RomCom series full of female surfers who happen to have diabetes and other autoimmune issues and the men who are strong enough to be with a warrior woman.

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Warrior WOmen Series