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A brash type 1 girl, plays a high stakes ping-pong game to keep from facing her biggest fear, dating with diabetes. But it’s hard to play well when her friends are coming up with dark and ridiculous stories of the worst that diabetes could bring.




Eddie is the classic blue-collar scholar. Smart, kind, and gentle, but tough. He’s charming without knowing it. 

He knows Haley isn’t too fond of him so it’s become his game to try to charm her, which only makes her hate him more.

He’s not a type 1, but has been friends with Thoreau since college. So he for sure has earned the title of Type 3. 


Eliot is tough and laid back, but gets the job done. She was diagnosed with T1D at 19 and hasn’t missed a beat since then. She still rips and works out constantly.

She listens to the Clash, the Shins, Led Zepplan.  Her wardrobe is never devoid of black or spikes, unless she is surfing, and even then her wetsuit has black and white stripes. 

Her parents we’re real literature buffs. She and Thoreau got their names because of their parents’ favorite poets, T.S. Elliot and Henry David Thoreau.


Thoreau is laid back to the point of being lazy. He’s close enough to cute that when Haley begins to fall for him it is believable, especially if he starts to clean up a bit.

He was diagnosed at six and has let diabetes build some fear of the real world into him. He is over the whole thing and does the very minimum to stay alive and out of the hospital. His A1C’s run in the high 8’s and low 9’s but that’s way better than the 13’s he used to run in college.

He plays guitar in a cover band with some college buddies and is surprisingly good at bar trivia. You’d never know how smart he is until you get him talking about multiple dimensions or the history of the Reformation.


Haley is a Southern girl, super perky and positive, proper and well mannered. She’s a little slow when it comes to sarcasm. She just doesn’t understand that people can mean something other than face value. 


She wants the best for her friends and can sometimes cross the line in making that happen. She wants everything to look pretty and happy. Everything in her room matches. And has the diabetes closet to beat all closets- supply stores for years, everything cutely labelled, even a mini-fridge just for insulin. 


She is a super compliant diabetic. Her A1c’s are consistently in the 6’s.

She may not realize it now, but all of this focus and stress over diabetes is slowly getting to her.

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