• Erin Spineto

A New Chronic

Just to make this trip a little more challenging, as if I thought it was a bit too easy to simply manage the twenty-seven foot sailboat, Pagan Charm, and the chronic and often deadly diabetes while all alone on the ocean, I thought I would pick up another chronic disease.

I shopped around and thought it might add a little challenge to have my immune system off another organ, this time the one that manages my metabolism and thus a myriad of other aspects of my body and life.

I thought my immune system did a good enough job with my pancreas; so I would go with it once again, no need to reinvent the wheel with a whole new mechanism here.

After weighing the options I decided on Hyperthyroidism. Its pleasant enough, and just my thyroid. I thought it best not to off an organ that was critical to my immediate survival like a heart or lungs, though in my case the later aren’t exactly the strongest, with the Exercise-Induced Asthma and Asthmatic Bronchitis they often throw at me.

And, so, I settled yesterday with the newest addition to my encyclopedia-thick medical charts, a soon-to-be totally defunct thyroid. Bring on the challenge. I'm ready.

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