• Erin Spineto

Paying It Forward

A few years back when I was in the midst of the worst of my thyroid zombieification, I no longer had the energy to read. I barely had the energy to bathe and clothe myself, let alone to focus my mind for long enough to become engulfed in a story. My days consisted of driving the kids to school, passing out in a coma-like state on the couch, picking up the kids from school, and doing my best to impersonate a parent- helping with homework, scraping together a dinner, and nudging the kids in the direction of bed. I was able to eek out a couple of pages of writing for Islands and Insulin on a good day, but those were scarce.

My only escape from that dull reality was the time spent in the car listening to Turtle in Paradise, an audiobook about a scrappy 11-year-old sent to Key West to live with her aunt. It was clean enough to listen to with my kids in the car and it had enough of what I like in books, scrappy leads and tropical weather. I was so grateful to Jennifer L. Holm for creating a world into which I could escape from under the tyranny of my body. Today I hope to pay it forward. Islands and Insulin has been made into an audiobook under the amazing guidance of New Street Nautical Publishing. Cynthia Wallace has done a fantastic job capturing the humor and adventure in Islands and Insulin. So if you need a world filled with sunshine, friendships, adventure, and the camaraderie that comes from the common experiences of being a PWD for your escape while you commute or do the dishes or while you lay on a hammock in the warm breezes of the Caribbean, grab a copy of Islands and Insulin on Audiobook at Audible, iTunes, or on Amazon. Your brain will thank you for it. - See more at: http://erinspineto.blogspot.com/#sthash.AUgq3UW8.dpuf

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