• Erin Spineto

We are on our way...

I wanted you all to be the first to know...a lot has happened in the prior weeks.

We have cast the pilot. We have four very talented actors, all with type 1. Brett R Stewart, Monica Ormsby, Francesca McAuliffe, and Yaniv Bercovitz will be playing the roles of Eddie, Haley, Eliot, and Thoreau.

Be on the lookout for posts on social media introducing the cast to the rest of the world. It would be great if you could share those with your crew and feel free to show each cast member some love by leaving a comment on the post.

You can read about each of the actors and the characters they will be playing at seapeptide.com/cast.

While you're there, take a look around. We've completely redesigned the website. And we've even added some coloring pages, created by Eddie, Eliot, Haley and Thoreau.

Feel free to print them out, give them a color, and submit them to be featured on the A Bad Case Instagram, @abadcase_diabetes .

We've also locked in our shooting dates. We will be filming the pilot July 26-28. We will be sharing behind the scenes shots with you during and after the shoot.

We will continue to keep you updated and share this experience with you here.