• Erin Spineto

New Year, New Cast

A lot has happened since we finished the filming of the Pilot Episode of A Bad Case back in July. We released the Pilot in September and are now gearing up to shoot the remaining episodes this Spring.

We have an almost entirely new cast, with the exception of the returning Monica Ormsby who did a tremendous job playing Haley. Our other actors had moved into other projects and couldn't return for this round. But we have some great actors taking their place.

Erika Young will be playing Eliot. She is a stud athlete and diabetes advocate. Austin Fuerst will be taking on the role of Eddie. Austin is on his way to becoming a Diabetes educator and is passionate about health and fitness.

We have completely redesigned sets, a whole new perspective on sound, and cast and crew who are excited to bring you a great comedy surrounding diabetes.

Be on the lookout for pictures and extras from behind the scenes in February.