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Best Morning Yet

I think by far this has been the best morning yet. With a small craft advisory on for today, it has made the decision to end my trip a little early a no brainer. There is no way I'm going against NOAA.

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And technically I made it to Key West, its just the east end instead of the west end, but it's Key West all the same. I got to sleep in until 7 and am enjoying my breakfast on the patio of a closed dockside bar. The sounds of the fishing charter boat captains and their clients for the day blend nicely against the background of all sorts of tropical birds chirping and the brown pelicans slapping their jaws.

I have nothing in front of me except a leisurely day riding around Key West on a rented cruiser. After charging up my phone and laptop from the two 6-volt batteries on board (thanks Michelle for the cigarette lighter converter, it was priceless and I didn't even know I needed it), I am off to arrange for the boat to be picked up and to take some pics of Key West. First stops Tennesse Williams old house and the Key West graveyard. The graveyard has been around since the 1800's (if you don't count when all the "contents" were flooded out and had to be dug up and re-buried above ground in crypt like things.

For some reason it reminds me of Tom Sawyer. Maybe because it's so old it doesn't seem as

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creepy, like all the "people" there are just fictional characters who never really existed anyways. But, then again, maybe it will seem a whole lot creepier when I get there.

After that I think I will just play tourist and see what I can see. All I know is, after a day like yesterday, I deserve to sit on nice stable land with no chance of dying (unless you count being run over by a scooter driven by some wild tourist), eat a good meal and just sit for a while. I've had enough movement to last a long time.

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