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An Original Comedy Movie

Surrounding Diabetes


A Bad Case centers around four friends who each have their different way of doing diabetes.

Haley is organized and super positive about it. Thoreau just can’t get a good grip on it and has slacked in a lot of ways in taking care of himself.

Eliot is more of the balanced zen sort of person with diabetes. I think she has really found a good balance of taking good care of herself, but in a way that doesn’t detract too much from all the amazing things she is doing with her life.

Eddie is the type three thrown into a world of type 1. He’s been Thoreau’s friend and roommate for years, watching him do some of what needs to be done. And then more recently he’s been exposed to Eliot and Haley and has seen a totally different way of managing this condition. I think it’s interesting to see how he navigates that world.


Against that backdrop of friendship and learning to deal with diabetes, we have these hypothetical worst case scenarios, which have been inspired by a popular TV show or movie. So we get to see what happens if the guys in Office Space had diabetes, or what happens if Felicity were a Type 1 and how that would flavor the whole movie or show.

Director's Statement

Hollywood has consistently gotten our story wrong. They have used diabetes as a handy plot tool to raise the stakes for a story. From minor mistakes to huge blunders, they are sharing an inaccurate story of what it means to live with diabetes.

It is time to change that narrative. It is time to have our stories told accurately and in depth. A Bad Case is the story of four friends who handle their diabetes very differently. There is a good chance you will see yourself in at least one of the characters on screen. For the first time, a viewer might be able to relate to someone just like her, who has the same outlook or quirks, who has developed the same strategies for dealing.

Knowing how crucial a positive outlook is on doing a good job of taking care of diabetes, a series that focuses on diabetes and humor could have an incredible impact on those who are struggling with the difficulty of this condition.

Personally, the only way I can deal with such a long-term and difficult situation is to find the humor, even if it is a sort of gallows humor. When we can come to a point of laughing at the absurd difficulty, we gain perspective and a renewed sense of strength to keep on fighting.  

I want to produce this series to explore a new medium for pursuing the same mission I have always had when it comes to interacting with the diabetes community; to empower people to take amazing care of their diabetes.



Yaniv Bercovitz grew up in San Diego with two older sisters. He discovered his passion for film as early as middle school when he entered a film contest and wrote, directed, and starred in his own film, "Two Idiot Cops". The film won the Best Film Award and Yaniv took home his own Best Director. After that, he attended New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA upon graduation from high school.

Yaniv was diagnosed with type 1 at 9 and has been involved with JDRF ever since. He always looks for the humor in situations, so A Bad Case should be a perfect fit. Yaniv can be found on Instagram at @yaniv_berc .



Monica Ormsby, originally from the East Coast, grew up with a love for musical theater and dance.


Now living in Los Angeles she is focused on pursuing her acting career. Her credits include numerous theater productions and both regional and national commercials.


Although Monica is newer to screen acting, she feels that her many years of performing as a dancer will help her bring each character’s story to life.  Monica can be found on Instagram at @monicaormsby .



Austin Fuerst is 23 years old, and has had Type one Diabetes for 21 years. He has an immense passion for educating, and encouraging others with T1D. Austin is currently pursuing a Nutrition degree with the hopes of becoming a registered dietitian, and a diabetes educator.


Austin can be found on Instagram at @Everyday_T1D where he shares the real life highs, and lows of T1D, and helps encourage people with type one diabetes to manage their disease to the best of their ability. 



Hailing from Boston, Erika is a working professional who loves spending her free time being active running, swimming, and hiking, especially with her rescue dog, Hunter.  She also enjoys being involved with her community, volunteering for three non-profits.


Erika was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes  on Christmas Eve in 2014. However, the discipline of managing her disease has pushed her to challenge her physical limits as well as encouraged her self-accountability and independence.


You can find Erika on Instagram at @erikamarguerite



Erin Spineto writes, trains, and adventures, all while taking care of type 1 diabetes. She uses storytelling to encourage others to take amazing care of their diabetes. She wrote her first book, Island and Insulin: A Diabetic Sailor's Memoir, after solo sailing 100 miles down the Florida Keys. her second book, Adventure On, to share her method of using adventure to increase motivation.

Recently, she has turned her storytelling talents to producing an original comedy movie, A Bad Case, under the Sea Peptide Productions banner.  

Erin has been featured in Diabetes Forecast Magazine, Insulin Nation, Diabetes Mine, A Sweet Life, and the Union Tribune.



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