Welcome to Sea Peptide Salties, a home for people with diabetes who are doing amazingly adventurous things. I am Erin Spineto. I write, train, and adventure, all while taking care of a chronic condition called type 1 diabetes. In 2011, I sailed solo 100 miles down the Florida Keys after doctors told me I couldn't sail alone with diabetes. In 2014, I led the Sea Peptide Swimmers, the first ever all type 1 diabetic team to complete the 12.5-mile Swim Around Key West. In 2015, I led the Sea Peptide SUP'ers to Stand Up Paddle 100 miles down the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina.



Changing diabetics into adventurers.


  • Every person with diabetes can be happy.

  • Every person with diabetes needs others to commiserate with, to plan with, and to adventure with.

  • Your big adventure may not be the same as my big adventure- but whatever your BIG is, you can find a way to make it safe even with diabetes.

"Erin Spineto should be proud as hell for being it, living it, and writing it."
--Kerri Sparling, creator and author of Six Until Me, one of the first and most widely-read diabetes patient blogs








Erin was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. She has had easy years and hard years. When she ran out of motivation after fighting hard for twelve years, she turned to adventure to provide the motivation she sought starting with a 100-mile solo sail down the Florida Keys. She followed it up by leading the first ever, all type 1 diabetic team to finish the 12.5-mile Swim Around Key West and leading another type 1 team stand up paddling 100-miles up the Intracoastal Waterway in North Carolina. Erin has been featured in Diabetes Forecast Magazine, Insulin Nation, Diabetes Mine, A Sweet Life, and the Union Tribune.



Disclaimer: This site is not intended to replace, change, or modify anything your doctor tells you. Consult with your doctor before implementing any changes to your diabetes management routine.

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