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 JUNE 2017

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120-mile Paddle, Hike, Swim, and Bike in the  Caicos Islands

During July 2017, the Sea Peptide Salties were off on another adventure. This time to cover 120 miles in the Caicos Islands. We saw the islands from the sea as we covered 20 miles on stand up paddle boards. 

We then stored our boards and continued on foot as we traveled along the island to Provinciales. We hiked when we were on land and swam, carrying our gear behind us on floats, to get around the island.

Day four we got to see the islands from land as we traversed 50 miles of the island on Electra Cruiser bikes. Day five we enjoyed the beaches of the Caicos Islands as we laid on the sand and tried not to move a muscle.

Our Team

Erin Spineto

This will be Erin's sixth adventure, bringing together all of her other adventures into one. She was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998 and just celebrated her 20th diaversary. She is excited to be traveling out of the country to a place so beautiful to continue to show others how adventure can be used to increase motivation to take amazing care of Type 1 Diabetes.

Kati Long

Kati was diagnosed as a Type 1 in December of 2012 at 22 years old. An Arizona native with a passion for the outdoors, she is an avid hiker and swimmer. She has worked as a Theatre Technician for the past 9 years. She is thrilled to be joining this amazing team of Sea Peptide adventurers and can't wait to start this journey with them.

Erika Young

Erika was diagnosed with Type 1 in December 2014 at age 26. She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Erika started competitively swimming at age 8 and swam at the collegiate level. Currently, she is a triathlete and loves staying active. Erika does not let Type One slow her down

Our Amazing Sponsors

One Drop is one of the only diabetes apps that I use. And I use it on a regular basis. Twenty years ago, my doctor told me to write down everything I ate and did and injected and tested. And I did... for about a year. After that it became useless because I never went back through the hundreds of pages of entries to analyze the data. Now, after 20 years, I have begun to record stuff because I have an app to do it in and to analyze it for me. And I learn so much every time I do. 

And, now, they have an amazingly beautiful meter to go along with the app.

I never adventure without my Dexcom. It is my safety line. It is the ever-present, watchful eye who always has my back. It tests my blood sugar every five minutes and will yell at me if I ma too high or too low. It has saved my life overnight more than a hundred times over the last five years. 

If you don't have one, go get one right now!!! 

Gu Energy Labs Gels are the fastest sugar around. I know, who would have thought a product designed for athletes would be a lifeline for a person with diabetes. But they are designed to get the sugar into your blood within minutes. 

I use these for nearly every low. I use them in various flavors so I never get sick of the taste. They pack well, last forever, and don't require any chalky, middle-of-the-night chewing.  They also make a fantastic Stroop Waffle and chews.

Blood Red is the provider of our dry bags. For this trip we will be testing the to their limits. We will use them to keep our gear dry as it is strapped on the front of our Stand Up Paddle boards constantly pummeled by the chop and waves. When we hike/swim we use their dry backpacks to carry our gear while we traverse each island. And we will float our bags, pulling them behind us as we swim between the islands.

Day four of our adventure we will be jumping on cruisers and riding 50 miles around the island of Provo. And we will be riding in style on Electra Cruisers. This is also the bike I ride around the beaches and stores of my neighborhood at home.

This trip is going to demand a lot of our feet. We will be cycling and hiking and wading through waste high saltwater and swimming. Our shoes need to keep up. Which is where Lalo Tactical comes in. Lalo shoes were originally designed for Special Operations Forces and NSW Operators and if they can withstand that kind of use, they will be great for us. 

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