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I Got Another One!!!

I was blessed to have one more Thanksgiving with Captain Jack and my Grandma. The kids have taken to calling them Grampa and Grandma Santa Claus due to my grandma's resemblance to Mrs. Claus.

gpa shea.jpg

In addition to some amazing vegan thanksgiving food, I got to listen to another story of the sea. This time it was of a month-long journey from the Panama Canal home to Redondo Beach, CA. There were no hurricane's to content with and no abandoning ship on this trip. Just a month at sea, enjoying the sun and the water as they got paid to sail someone else's boat home. I think I just found my new career path once the kids are out of the house. I can't imagine abetter job than being paid to sail someone's 50-foot yacht home from a foreign port.

gma kids.jpg

All I would need is Tony by my side, a fridge full of Diet Dr. Pepper (and some Stone for Tony) and a month to be away from it all at sea. I also was reminded by Captain Jack that if I ever find the money to buy a boat, I should buy a Coronado 25. My grandparents owned one when their children were young and he swears it is the absolute best family cruiser around. I am inclined to believe him. Thinking if I ever do dig up some buried treasure the first thing I will do is find that boat and give it a name that is worthy of my grandpa. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Pilgrims and Indians (sorry, the Native Americans) for coming together so I could have another excuse to listen to sea stories of Captain Jack and Grandma Santa Claus in the warmth of my parents' house.

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