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The BEST Fix for Low Blood Sugar- GU Energy Gel

Sea Peptide swimmers are excited to announce our Official Low Blood Sugar Fix!!

Disclaimer: The Sea Peptide Salties are sponsored by Gu and receive free product.

How long should you have to wait until your favorite low food travels through your stomach and into your blood stream where it will prevent you from the strange affects of a low? Not long, if you have some Gu Energy gel nearby.


Gu has been my sugar of choice for a while now and its speed is unbeatable. I love that even while I am hardly functioning from a low, I can still take it because there is no chewing involved.

And since we will certainly be needing sugar while we swim, what better way to get it than to have the crew toss us a pack. (A big thanks to Gu Energy who kindly provided us with a whole case of free gels.)

If you are sick of having Skittles lay around (and trying not to eat the whole bag when you're not low) or worrying about finding the little hole to put the straw into on the top of your juice box, consider grabbing some Gu Energy Gel. Your sugars will thank you for it.

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