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When Levemir Gives You Lemons...

I have been using Levemir for 75% of my basal for almost three years now and I absolutely love what it has done for my diabetes. I can now detach from my pump for my long workouts and not have any missing basal insulin. Gone are the seven-hour highs after a long workout.

If my pump site gets clogged, that now means a few hours in the 200’s instead of a few hours in the 500’s. And if my pump runs out of insulin while I am away from home, I know I am at least partially covered by the Levemir.

While Levemir has done amazing things for my diabetes, it has one drawback. The marks it leaves on my stomach from injections (see pic). I wasn’t about to stop using Levemir just because of some purple marks. After all, my diabetes is great, and they are only cosmetic marks.

But I wasn’t really thrilled at the sight of them. So I decided to do something about them. Instead of just putting up with the marks, I thought I would use them to my advantage. So here is my new site rotation plan.

I think it will add some nice contouring just where I want it. After all, if dancers can paint on some abs, why can’t I?

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