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In June 2015 the Sea Peptide SUP'ers Stand Up Paddled 100 miles up the Intracoastal Waterway starting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and ending in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Each day we paddled for three to four hours in the morning and stoped for a nice lunch. Then we paddled for a few more hours

to our stop for the night. After a hot shower at a local hotel we were off to explore the town and eat a great meal in a local restaurant. Our warm beds welcomed us as we rested up for the next day. 


Each day we got to see different seaside towns and explored a different part of the Intracoastal Waterway. We tested our blood sugars together and experienced the camaraderie that comes from working towards an adventure of this magnitude. 


But the adventure didn't start in June when we boarded our flights. It started the day we finalizde our team and we beain to discuss training strategies and blood sugar strategies. It came as we all had a fresh new look at what it takes to stay in good health not just to stave off long-term complications down the road, but to reap the rewards in the short-term.


By working hard to take care of ourselves, we trained harder and stayed healthier. By focusing our attention on preparing for this adventure, our overall care benefited.




Erin comes from a surfing background, moving through triathlons and on to long-distance swimming. She is now moving above the water to Stand Up Paddling. She spent last year training for the 12.5-mile Swim Around Key West. A few years before, she sailed solo 100 miles down the keys on a 22' Catalina and wrote about her adventures in the book, Islands and Insulin. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her sophomore year in college.



Donna is a clinical exercise physiologist. She has been working for many years in the field of regular physical activity and the importance for individuals with diabetes as well as those at risk for diabetes. Donna is thrilled to be a part of the Sea Peptide SUPers during their 100 mile paddle. She has a lifelong passion for running and cycling. She still competes in road, mountain and cyclocross bike racing. Donna grew up on Long Island, New York and loves the water. Therefore, stand up paddle boarding was a great activity for her to get more engrossed in over the last few years. Donna is passionate about teaching others how to lead a healthy lifestyle. She has found happiness though sharing her love for physical activity with individuals of all ages, disease states and abilities. 



JoAnne saw this SUP adventure and despite have been on a board only once thought, “so cool, I’m in if they’ll have me!” After being diagnosed with diabetes in 2011, JoAnne experimented with exercise and insulin to figure out how to continue to live her active lifestyle of trail running, hiking, downhill skiing and going to zumba. She ran legs 3 and 4 of the Canadian Death Race the following summer and completed the 24 hour, 125 km race solo in 2013.




Coming Soon.




GU Energy Gel is back again to propel us on our second trip. Gu is the best energy gel around for taking care of those nasty low blood sugars! They are one of the fastest sugar sources I have used. Roctane is the perfect blend of carbs and caffeine with the lightest flavor. Perfect!

I have struggled my whole life, trying to find a suit that looks cute, but still tays in place when I surf or paddle or play. And after years of searching and coming up empty, I have finally found the perfect suit. It is totally flattering and completely sturdy. Calavera Swim has thought of everything, from logo placement to keep the gap in the back from exposing too much, to lining the straps with rope so they don't strecth out. Calavera is the best suit out there.

After hundreds of hours training, our skin can take some damage, and Blue Lizard is sunscreen enough to prevent it. It has been made to Australian standards, which means it is proven waterproof in a 105 degree whirlpool for a full 240 minutes. This stuff is incredible enough to stand up to the full days on the water that we will see this July. 

Diabetes takes a lot from us. So when I can gain something from it, I jump on it. Your Care Moments asks about our experiences with our doctors, prescriptions, and pharmacies. They use the info to better inform the people and companies who are making things to enhance our diabetic lives so that they can better serve us. And they compensate us for our time and experiences. You can sign up to take a survey now and start to make diabetes work for you.

Blood Red Clothing designs, develops & produces innovative & functional clothing & accessories for sailing & watersports. Creativity is at the core of the brand. They also make the coolest drybag backpacks I have seen.

Pump Peelz makes skins for our diabetes devices. We have to carry those things anyways, we might as well have a little fun with them, too. The best part is you can design your own to hilight whatever makes you smile. I am loving the Sea Peptide Logo Design.

We may be adventurous, but we are always safe. And one of the best ways to do this is by wearing medical ID. Lauren's Hope makes cool looking medical ID jewelery that adds to your style instead of taking it away.

Smith Optics provide the highest quality lenses. Polarized lenses are essential on the water when faced with glare, and sun and Smith Optics has taken them to another level with ChromaPop lenses that provide the clearest most vibrant view of the world. We will be seeing the Carolinas in style.

Wade Williford is a certified Stand Up Paddle coach and is serving as our coach/consultant for this adventure.

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