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17 Jan 2019

A lot has happened since we finished the filming of the Pilot Episode of A Bad Case back in July.  We released the Pilot in September and are now gearing up to shoot the remaining episodes this Spring.

We have an almost entirely new cast, with the exception of the returning Monica Ormsby who did a tremendous job playing Haley. Our other actors had moved into other projects and couldn't return for this round. But we have some great actors taking their place. 

Erika Young will be playing Eliot. She is a stud athlete and diabetes advocate. Austin Fuerst will be taking on the role of Eddie. Austin is on his way to becoming a Diabetes edu...

12 Jul 2018

I wanted you all to be the first to know...a lot has happened in the prior weeks.

We have cast the pilot. We have four very talented actors, all with type 1. Brett R Stewart, Monica Ormsby, Francesca McAuliffe, and Yaniv Bercovitz will be playing the roles of Eddie, Haley, Eliot, and Thoreau.

Be on the lookout for posts on social media introducing the cast to the rest of the world. It would be great if you could share those with your crew and feel free to show each cast member some love by leaving a comment on the post.

You can read about each of the actors and the characters they will be playing at

While you're ther...

2 May 2018

My journey with diabetes has been a varied one. I was diagnosed in 1996 while at University of California at San Diego and for the next twelve years I didn't know another person with this damned disease.

In 2008, I ran into the guys at Insulindependence and spent the next few years reveling in the fellowship that comes from finally meeting people of my tribe. In 2011, encouraged by the relationships I'd built and the knowledge that not everyone has them, I took off on a 100-mile solo sail to show the world (and my myopic doctors) that anything was possible with diabetes. 

The following year, I finished writing and publishing my memoir...

13 Apr 2018

Below is a Book Review for my latest book, Adventure On: Adventure More, Worry Less, and Watch Your Diabetes Motivation Soar originally posted on Diabetes Mine..

Written by Mike Hoskins | Published on March 27, 2017

If you're in search of a motivational diabetes resource that lets you 'Choose Your Own Adventure,' then look no further than the newest paperback by type 1 athlete Erin Spineto!

It's called "Adventure On" and encourages readers to embrace their inner adventurer and not let diabetes hold them back, as per the book's subtitle: "Adventure More, Worry Less, And Watch Your Diabetes Motivation Soar."

For those who m...

13 Jul 2017

We finished our One Drop Caicos adventure hiking, paddling, swimming, and cycling in July 2017. These are stories from that adventure.


In the world of diabetes, we all shoot for that magical blood sugar of 100. We post pictures of our meters when they spit out that perfect number. We celebrate with out friends with high-fives and Woot-Woots. We finally feel like we’re good enough.

But, why? What is so great about 100? Isn’t a blood sugar of 99 better than a 100? Isn’t a 105 just as good?

Sure, it is, but we still shoot for that perfect 100.

And, sadly to say, most of the time we don’t hit our goal. We go over it. We go under i...

17 Jun 2017

As we prepare for the One Drop Caicos Adventure in June 2017, we are doing a ton of training. These training diaries are stories from the field and things I have learned from my time in training.

With just under two weeks left until we take off for our One Drop Caicos adventure, I had just one more system to test out. I have spent the last six months training my body to handle to long miles on a stand up paddleboard and in the pool and on foot and on my cruiser. Now I just had to make sure that all of my gear could handle going from a swim to a hike and then back to a swim.

I knew my body could handle the two disciplines but hiking in...

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