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Islands and Insulin is probably the most entertaining diabetes book I’ve read to date..." 

     --Amy Tenderich, Founder and Editor of Diabetes Mine


Do you ever feel like diabetes has taken over your life? Like you can't get the momentum up to fight it any longer? Like you are stuck in the diabetes doldrums?

I have felt the same way. Islands and Insulin is the story of how a sailing adventure brought me out of that, filled my sails, and set me on a new course.

The doctors warned her not to go…

     After living with diabetes for years, Erin Spineto was quickly losing her sanity. Buried beneath blood tests, injections and medical devices, to hold on to her wits, she needed a change, to take back her life. But how?

       Erin loved sailing with every ounce of her being, but doctors told her years ago never to do it alone. It was far too dangerous. What if her blood sugars dropped while she was alone in the middle of the ocean, far from help? What if seasickness caused her blood sugars to rise, slamming her into a diabetic coma and leaving her incapable of handling the boat?


…but it was a trip she had to make.

       In Islands and Insulin, Erin sails a 22 foot sailboat down the Florida Keys as she fights winds, currents and swells that threaten to capsize her. Join her on her journey to accepting diabetes as she navigates those tumultuous early years of adulthood and learns how valuable real friendships are in the battle against a chronic disease.

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FROM Six Until Me by Kerri Sparling

A Book You Should Read: Islands and Insulin.

"You know what?  Yeah.  I want to sit back, relax, and do something on this flight other than slog through emails.  So I tossed her book into my bag with intention of spinning through it while I traveled. What I didn't expect to do what read the entire thing.

Erin's book is about her diabetes experience - her diagnosis, her disclosures, her journey as an athlete and adventurer - but it speaks to the collective experiences we all share.  How diabetes challenges us, but can also serve as a catalyst to inspire us." 

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FROM Diabetes Mine by Amy Tenderich
“Islands and Insulin” Recharges… 

"Islands and Insulin is probably the most entertaining diabetes book I’ve read to date, because it literally takes you on a voyage – from dark and stormy seas to places where the warm sun shines on sparkling sand. It sure makes you think about finding your own personal best place/ best life with diabetes. It kind of “recharged my batteries,” if you will."


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FROM Scott's Diabetes by Scott K. Johnson

“An Orange Peanut?! For Me?!”

"It’s an enjoyable mix of love, learning, diabetes, and adventure. The book will hit the shelves soon, and if you’re looking for a fun book with plenty of diabetes mixed in, this might be a good one for you." 

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FROM Diabetesalishiousness

by Kelly Kunik

"I just finished reading your book Islands and Insulin and I. LOVE. IT. The journey you take us on (both on the water and off,) in your life with diabetes is honest; funny, touching, incredibly relatable and wonderfully sarcastic in all the right places. Islands and Insulin reinforces the fact that no adventure is off limits to people with diabetes - We just need to chart our course, hitch UP our sails, roll with the tide and go for it! Thanks so much for writing this!"




"Erin Spineto leads a wonderful life... that diabetes happens to be a part of. Islands and Insulin is a story of a great life journey... that diabetes happens to be a part of. Erin communicates the adventures of living with diabetes like only a person with diabetes can, and she has found her unique and powerful voice in this tale of navigating the seas and a chronic disease with grace. Any reader of this diabetic sailor's memoir stands to learn a lot about the swells and tides of diabetes, life, and love. I raise a Diet Dr. Pepper in honor of Erin and her first must-read book."

      Nate Heintzman, PhD, Director, Diabetes Informatics & Analytics Lab, UC San Diego


"Not sure if it's the shared diabetes thing, or what, but I SO identify with so much of your book- almost creepy.  It was really cool to read!  Bottom line: I LOVE your book, Erin!  I want to give a copy to every person I know with diabetes, and to every person in my life so they understand more about my life and who I am and why I do what I do."

    Michelle Fourney, Regulatory Affair Associate Dexcom, PWD for 25 years


"Just finished your book and I can hardly see my dumb computer screen because my eyes are full of have inspired me so! What a wonderful story you tell, Erin. I know it will change people's outlook on health, hardship, dreaming a full and meaningful life. Thanks for your honesty and bravery. I am recommending your book to the gals in my book club. Big hugs to you in light of this awesome accomplishment!"

       Charla Liedahl, Wife and Mother of two, Type 3 Diabetic

"I keep reading this...and it totally makes me laugh. :)"

     Heather Chamberlain, Teacher and Triathlete, Non-diabetic

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