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A View of Catalina Through the Lens

Some pictures from my last Catalina trip, a three-day jaunt to brush up on my navigation skills and get some time on the water.


Sunrise over the water our last day out. Something I have wanted to see for a long time.


The first day out, after anchoring in Two Harbors, we hiked to the other side of the island to watch the sunset. This is the view looking back at Cat Harbor from the edge of the island.

cat 3.jpg

The sunset over the island.


The only picture of myself from the whole trip, after a full day of sailing, a quick dip in the ocean to rinse off, and a mile hike.


One of the many buffalo on the island. I caught this one on our evening hike.


On our way into Avalon. One of the guys on board had never been, so we decided to make our day trip into an evening trip, complete with a stop at the local pizza joint and a few games of pool. There's nothing like spending the night playing pool and listening to the stories of a 75 year old salty-dog while he tries to pick up on the waitresses (rather successfully). Frank is a great instructor and a great guy. I hope to be that active and adventurous when I reach that age.


The great Frank Dixon, head of West Coast Sailing and indeed one of the best sailing instructors in the US (and he has the awards to prove it).

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