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Twas the night Before

After a long day of travel by plane, train, and automobile, I have finally settled into my home for the next few days. Paul and the guys at Key Lime Sailing Club have been working all afternoon to get the boat ready and it is more than I imagined. She looks great and is ready to sail first thing in the morning.

I have 26 nautical miles to cover tomorrow so it should be a long day. And God brought the perfect weather to start out, sunny and warm and a nice five knot breeze. Just enough to get used to a new boat.

I had a rough start with my blood sugars last night with a site that didn't work and a 1am replacement site that got all bent up. By the time I put in the next site at 4:30, it was time to get up to catch my flight. IN the security check at the airport, I got called into secondary because of my insulin pump and Dexcom, but the search wasn't as much of a grope as I thought it would be.

I spent 30 minutes doing laps around Terminal 4 at LAX and a few squats and lunges in a back hallway to get my sugars down and keep them stable for the five hour flight and three hour drive.

I realized as I got up to leave the flight, that sitting just two seats over was another pump wearing diabetic. When I asked if the tubing I saw was an insulin pump his reply was "Its the same kind as yours" Now why didn't he say something earlier? I sure could have used a good diabetic conversation to pass the time.

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