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Dream Big

Exploring Iceland. Surfing in Nicaragua. Hiking in Machu Piccu. Visiting the Great Wall of China. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Maryland.

Last weekend I took a poll at the Taking Care of Your Diabetes Conference in San Diego and asked people where their next adventure was. Some people knew immediately. They were planning something big. Others took a minute to think about it. There was someplace they had always wanted to go. For some though, their lives were a struggle and they barely had time to take care of the necessities let alone dream big.

But when I pressed these people to come up with something, you could see them start to smile. It was as if I needed to give them permission to day dream. And I think that for these people, the ones for whom diabetes management has hit the difficult spot, those who are hurting, that dreaming is even more important.

It is those dreams that get us through the rough patches in life, that keep us moving forward knowing that one day, off in the future, things might be better and there might be a way to make those dreams happen.

I know that it is in my darkest times that I relied most heavily on my dreams to give me a moment of escape. So if you don't have a big adventure dreamed up already, start today.

Where is the one place you want to see? The one adventure you want to take? The mountain to climb, or sea to sail, or island to swim around? Find it and escape for a moment in the thought of doing something big and fun some day soon.

So where is your next big adventure? Leave it in the comments below. Who knows, maybe your adventure will be the catalyst for someone else's new dream.

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