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No Worries Mon, Everything Will Be Alright

Over the past seven years, I have slid into the horrible habit of having a really bad attitude at work. I have become the 'I hate Mondays' kind of a person. In my defense it has been an incredibly hard seven years struggling with hyperthyroidism tearing every ounce of my energy and ravaging my body. Most mornings it was painful to get out of bed and took every bit of my concentration to stay upright. But now that my thyroid has been demolished thanks to Radioactive Iodine, my health has steadily increased to the point where waking up is no longer torture. And I have decided my new role in life. I want to be the VW Jamaican man, bringing sunshine and happiness to everyone he sees. It is who I have always been before my life got turned upside down by a tiny endocrine gland that decided to do her own thing and no longer

listen to authority.

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