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Even the Smallest Adventure Still Counts

I was recently asked a question while I was doing a live interview with Emily Coles from TuDiabetes. (You can view the live interview here.)

Someone asked, "If I am not that active, what can I do for adventure?"

I told them that walking or hiking is always a great adventure. Almost all of us are very experienced walkers. We have been doing it most of our lives. And it is a good way to see a new place.

But I think there is another, even more awesome answer that I wish I would have come up with at the time.

Just A Little Bit More...

Almost everyday I drive the road from my house to the beach, I see the cutest older couple on their bikes. And they are hauling. I was always so impressed at how fast they could climb the hill on their cruisers without any effort.

After seeing them fly a few times, I realized that the reason they didn't have to even try to climb a hill that puts me to shame most days, is that they were on Electra bikes. These are electric cruisers with a motor that will add some power to your pedal stroke when you need it.

The cyclist in me immediately exclaimed, "What a bunch of cheaters!!!"

But then I realized, without the Electra, because of the hills in our area, this couple would never have gone out for a bike ride. They would not have pedaled one stroke.

But now everyday they are outside on bikes, feeling the wind in their hair, always with a smile on their face. They can go farther and conquer hills that would have stopped them in their tracks. They have a little adventure every single day.

Every form of adventure counts. It doesn't matter how big and outrageous it is. What matters is it is somethiing that will stretch you to do more than you are currently doing. And that it brings a smile to your face every time you go.

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