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These are the tools that I use on my adventures. We have enough to worry about adventuring with diabetes. Let's make our lives as easy as possible by using the best tools of the trade.

I wouldn't feel safe doing any of the crazy adventuring I do without my Dexcom CGM. I trust its accuracy implicitly.  

When I'm focused on paddling or swimming or anything else, I rely on the alarms to alert me to when I go out of range. It is great to know I have Dex watching my back and letting me know when I need to take a minute to focus on my diabetes so I can keep charging hard.

sun scaries.jpeg

With the rise of CBD legality, so many companies have sprung up, not all of them are reputable. Sunday Scaries grows organically in the US, with outside testing.

With virtually no side effects, unless you count numerous, robust dreams and the deepest sleep I have gotten in a decade, the gummies are a great bedtime treat to set me in the right place at the end of the day.

With all of the data my Dexcom spits out, it is nice to have an app to make sense of it all. Each night I look at my daily average to evaluate how I did for the day. I also try to set monthly goals for my averages to challenge myself to make things just 1% better. 

This app is also a great place to log my workouts, my food, and my overall movement for the day to see how I'm doing in those categories too.

I have amazing diabetes devices. But I usually have the same one for years and years. It is nice to spruce them up and personalize them with different PumpPeelz every now and them. 

When I look at my device, I cannot help but smile at the cute new design I have put on there. They make having to always carry a device a little less burdensome.


Most of my adventures involve water, which means bringing diabetes supplies into close contact with water. That could be deadly.


Blood Red Dry Bags provide the dry bags to make this safe. They work incredibly and they look really cool. So even if I won't be bringing my laptop near the water, I carry it in my Blood Red Backpack.

One of the worst problems of having diabetes is a bad low. I want to spend as little time low as possible, which is why I use Gu Energy Gels when I get low. 

They work incredibly fast and, with 27 amazing flavors I never get sick of them. But I am never tempted to raid my stash when I'm not low. (Watch out Skittles!!)

Their Roctane drink is perfect for long workouts and their new Stroop Waffles make for a nice chewable food break. And I love that many of their products are GMO free and vegan.

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