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Penny Magnification

My night last night.


Notice the "HIGH" for eight of the ten hours I was asleep? Which means that Nick was yelling at me every two hours throughout the night. Screaming his loudest. And, yet, I did not wake up. I have programmed myself to ignore his shouts while I sleep, kind of like a husband learns to tune out his wife's nagging during the football game. I am completely oblivious to it.

One of the major reasons I got Nick was for him to wake me in the middle of the night when I am high. I want to attack those high blood sugars immediately, not wait ten hours until I wake up in the morning and realize I spent the whole night ripping holes in the small capillaries in my eyes and thickening my blood with too much sugar attached to my red blood cells. I need him to wake me when my sugar goes to low, too, as it does so often, so that I wake up in the morning, as opposed to not waking up.

penny 2.jpg

My solution? Nick's new megaphone

This is Nick's new nighttime home. The coins rattle around with the vibrate mode and the glass bowl serves to magnify that sound like horn on an old record player.

penny 1.jpg

And it works wonderfully. I have heard everyone of Nick's calls since I gave him his new home. Now if only I could get him to use ringtones to wake me instead of the standard beeps. P.S. Thanks mom for the cute bowl. You couldn't have had better timing.

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