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Signs You're a Triathlete

1. The water bottles in your house out number the cups.

2. Your concept of a date night with your husband is to get a babysitter, go on a 25 mile bike ride, and then stop in for some recovery nutrition.

3. To get ready for a night out, you don’t spend 2 hours getting showered and dressed, you spend 2 hours on a run to burn off the calories you plan to consume at dinner later that night.

4. You coordinate your wedding site with the site of your race later that week.

5. You mistake your Body Glide for deodorant.

6. Watching a movie is no longer killing time, but is an essential part of your recovery plan.

7. Your three year old recognizes Andy Potts on a magazine cover and your six year old can rattle off the names of over 10 pros including who won the first Ironman at Kona.

8. The walls of your home are no longer covered with fine works of art, but are plastered with your race numbers. 9. When dressing your kid, you tell him he’s practicing for transitions so that in three years, when he’s finally old enough to race, he will be ready.

10. When your work wardrobe is entirely comprised of quick dry clothing.

11. When even your dress shoes have Yankz on them.

12. Your kids ask if they can have aerobars on their bikes even before you take off the training wheels, and you actually start to draw the schematics to make it happen.

13. You consider a guy hot simply because he has a double water bottle cage off his seat post.

14. When the only mail you receive in a day is race related; your next race confirmation, a RoadRunner shoe sale flyer, a Hammer nutrition newsletter

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