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Rim to River to Rim in One Day

I seem to be thinking lately in pictures instead of words, so I thought I'd give a recap of my Grand Canyon Hike in pictures. Michelle and I hiked from the top of the North Rim down to the Colorado River and back up again to another part of the North Rim in one day, Signs posted everywhere warned not to attempt this, but it wasn't as hard as they warned. (disclaimer: do not attempt this unless you have really trained thoroughly for it and are willing to take the chance of having to be rescued by a helicopter if you cannot make it back out.)

g1 our gps tracks.jpg

Our GPS Tracks

g2 our camper for the weekend.jpg

Our Camper for the Weekend


Had to make a 7-11 stop for Diet Dr Peppers in the car ride out


We're so happy this early in the day.

g5 after were so happy.jpg

g7 sign.jpg

The sign that say we SHOULD NOT be doing this hike in one day. What better reason to do it.




g11 taking a moment.jpg

Taking a moment to soak it all in.


g13 soaking knee.jpg

Soaking my feet and knee in the freezing water.

g14 couldnt.jpg

Couldn't have been a more welcome sign after a hot and dry 13 miles.


g17 getting goofy.jpg

Getting towards goofy cause we're so tired.


Taking a moment to look at what we had just climber up. (And resting our feet a little)

g19 finished.jpg

We finished our hike right as the full moon was rising.

g20 happy.jpg

Happy to be out of that canyon.

g21 food.jpg

Food tastes so much better after a 16.5 mile hike.

g22 vicorty.jpg

My victory pose the next morning.

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