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Wildflower Here We Come

After a five year hiatus from tri due to hyperthyroidism, I am back and ready to race. Tonight was bike maintenance.

The Wildflower triathlon is a mountain bike sprint so I have dragged out the fifteen year old mountain bike that I bought for Tony before we got married.


I love that in our house it is perfectly acceptable to do bike maintenance in the kitchen. In fact our eat in kitchen nook has become the permanent home of Tony's new Franco bike.


The tops to the PowerGel's I used to keep my blood sugars stable on my last Wildflower Triathlon. I didn't know it at the time, but I was already sick then. I am going to keep them on there as a reminder of how far I have come in getting healthy again.

bike 3.jpg

I think I used about the whole can of lube to get this bike back in shape.

bike 4.jpg

And of course, after a day battling highs, the second I start this project I go low and have to stop to correct. Can you see this morning where I took the steroids to help my asthma? Steroids and insulin don't play nicely together.

bike 6.jpg

Marks left over from the tape I used to secure my glucose meter, lancet, and test strips to my handle bars so I could test on the bike. Now I throw my Dexcom in my back pocket and ride. Got to love technological advances, they are definitely cutting down on my transition times. (No more waiting 45 seconds to get a meter result.)


Correcting with some apple juice while I continue to work.


The finished product. Forgive the colors, I had to get some spare parts from the bike shop that has taken up residence in our garage. It is not color coordinated, yet.

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