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I see a white sail,

Skipping cross a blue bay,

And I say Someday I Will.

Don't need to know who,

May help you make it come true,

Just say Someday I Will.

Don't have to work it all out,

Don't have to tear it all apart,

All you need's a place to start.

--"Someday I Will" Jimmy Buffett

Some people have a bucket list. I have a Someday-I-Will list, my list of future projects that I am not currently in the process of making happen. And one by one I hope to take them off this list and put them on the Current Goal List, just like I have recently done with the Swim Around Key West and previously with the Long Distance Solo Sail.

I have been reading The Power of Less, which suggests that you become very public with your goals. So I am going to do just that and post my Someday-I-Will list. I may add to it and change it from time to time, but I hope to complete it all, someday.

1. TRANSPAC- a sailing race from Long Beach, CA to Honolulu, HI.

2. Run or bike the coast of an entire state (Probably a small one)

3. Take my family on a one or more month-long cruise on a sailboat

4. Take a long-distance, multi-day SUP/camping trip on the Intercoastal Waterway

5. Write a full-length screenplay

6. Make a short movie

7. Travel- Eastern seaboard of US, Ireland, New Zealand, US Virgin Islands, Southern Pacific Islands, Costa Rica

8. See Jimmy Buffett in a spontaneous show in a small bar, Flogging molly in an Irish Pub ….9. Finish converting Come Monday, my 12’ wooden boat built from scratch, into a sailboat.

So what is on your Someday-I-Will list? Maybe I can steal some ideas to add to my list.

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